Greenhouses aren’t only for crops anymore. In Missouri, saltwater shrimp is being grown in a greenhouse as half of a project run by David Brune, a professor at Missouri University College of Agriculture. The aim is to develop a seafood manufacturing system that’s sustainable, scalable, and environmentally pleasant.

David Brune, a professor of agricultural programs administration within the Missouri University College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is growing a seafood manufacturing system that’s sustainable, scalable and environmentally pleasant.

At MU’s Bradford Research Center close to Columbia, Brune is elevating saltwater shrimp in a greenhouse. The facility holds about one-twentieth an acre of water and is totally stocked with Pacific white shrimp.

Why shrimp? Brune says shrimp is a priceless product that may be produced in a brief interval.

“I can grow a crop of shrimp here every 120 days,” he says. “If I raise the equivalent of 25,000 pounds per acre of water and I can get $4 a pound, that is a $100,000 cash flow per acre of water every 120 days. That’s not soybeans.”

It prices Brune about $3 a pound to provide the shrimp, so for Missouri shrimp to be economically possible, it would price buyers a bit greater than typical grocery store shrimp. But Brune estimates many U.S. shoppers would willingly pay a premium value for domestically grown, increased high quality and sustainably produced shrimp.

“If 10 percent of American consumers would pay a premium price for shrimp, that is 120 million pounds a year,” he says. “We’re importing 1.2 billion pounds of shrimp from Asia. So if only one in 10 consumers would pay a dollar or two a pound extra, that is a $100 million market right there.”

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At GGS, we fortunately assist efforts to make meals manufacturing extra sustainable, and we’re glad to supply prime quality greenhouse constructions to assist make this occur. Please share another sustainable greenhouse concepts within the feedback beneath!

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