The newest statistics have revealed that one species in eight bird species is dealing with the hazard of extinction. 40% of world’s 10,000 bird species population is declining. It shouldn’t be solely the unique species that are disappearing, but in addition the frequent species which have diminished numbers. The causes are many, however majorly these of man’s personal making. Let’s take a look at the the explanation why bird population is declining  and the way we can assist bird species survive.

Why bird population is declining in the last 50 years?

climate change has made a negative impact on bird populationsIn the span of simply 50 years, the population of bird species has diminished drastically. The solely factor which has occurred otherwise in the last 50 years is the rise in human endeavors which have led to the unsafe environment for birds. In our try to enhance life for us, growing assets for people, we’ve forgotten about our feathered mates. Co-existing with nature is one thing humanity has to relearn.

The knowledge on bird population reveals that spreading of agricultural efforts places 77% of bird species in danger. Wood harvesting and logging places in hazard 52%, invasive species 32%. Commercial and residential growth, trapping, searching, ranching and livestock and climate change has made a destructive impression on bird populations.

Industrial farming

agricultureOver one third of the floor of the earth is dedicated to agriculture. Farms should not an idyllic panorama, however the intensification and unfold of agriculture into forests impacts 74% of birds globally. The birds habitats are destroyed and pesticides occur to be toxic. A examine finished in USA lately discovered that the White Crowned sparrows, when uncovered to sure pesticides corresponding to neonicotinoids, misplaced nearly 1 / 4 of their fats shops and physique mass.

The technique of farming may be rather more sustainable with out the usage of sure chemical pesticides, which ensures that birds are protected from poisonous chemical substances. If farmers chorus from logging or farming, they might be serving to the habitat.

To improve effectivity of farming, farmers grub up hedgerows, the place many birds nest, to create bigger fields. Ploughing nearer to fringe of the fields in order to extend the planted space. To improve manufacturing, pure wetlands are dried out, and moist flushes are eliminated. This is likely one of the causes for bird population declining. 

Changes in the cropping practices globally

cropping-practices-aslo-affect-birds-populationIn many elements of the world, the cropping practices have modified in the previous 50 years. Cereals which was planted in the springtime, at the moment are planted in autumn. And as quickly as one crop is harvested, the opposite is planted, with none relaxation time. Birds are chased from the fields as farmers don’t need them to eat the sown seeds. The specialization of the farms to livestock and arable manufacturing has additionally affected bird populations.

The elevated effectivity of animal feed and grain storage has disadvantaged wild birds in the encircling areas, of meals. Old farm buildings have been demolished, locations the place the birds and bats used to nest. They can not nest in new buildings and so their numbers dwindle. 


global demand for timberMore than two thirds of bird species reside in the forests, logging is likely one of the main issues for birds. Many bird species can not survive with out their habitat. Birds should not capable of fly between the remaining fragments of bushes. Logging is one other exercise which has elevated manifold in the last 50 years, as a result of an increase in international demand for paper, timber and the land.

The destroyed habitat has to be constructed up by planting extra bushes. The want of the hour is to revive, plant, and shield tens of millions of bushes, or reasonably a trillion, as is the goal of the Trillion Trees Partnership. One of the initiatives can also be the Asia Pacific Forest Governance Project, which makes use of smartphone app to assist locals handle and monitor their rainforest.

Commercial and residential buildings

Commercial and residential buildingsThe lowering population of birds can also be as a result of clearing the land to make manner for business and residential buildings. In city and semi-urban areas, the bird habitat is destroyed by the destruction of the bushes to construct buildings for housing, business and industrial functions. Common bird species now not have a spot to nest and discover meals. While developing buildings and infrastructure, thought ought to be given to preserving or creating habitat for birds.

Invasive species

islandThe knowledge on bird population reveals that invasive species corresponding to mice and rats are accountable for over 70% of bird species extinction, in last 50 years. Birds on remoted, distant islands need to fight this menace together with different pure predators. There are greater than 88 islands all all over the world the place the threatened species of birds are dealing with hazard from the invasive mammals. If these invasive species are efficiently eradicated, then specialists say that 55 species of birds may be protected. 

Trapping and searching

hunting of birdsOne of the causes of extinction of birds is the unlawful capturing and searching of birds. This causes bird populations to plummet in massive numbers, inside a really quick area of time. An instance is the Helmeted Hornbill or the Rhinoplax Vigil. In the 12 months 2015, this species of bird went from Near Threatened to the Critically Endangered List after hunters relentlessly hunted it down for its ‘Red Ivory’ casque.

One of the methods to place an finish to this menace to birds is altering/modifying legal guidelines or strengthening the present legal guidelines. Right now, there are 155 bird species that are protected by the CITES, which is unlawful wildlife commerce conference. Drones can be used to observe and stop bird trapping.

How we can assist

Everyone can do their very own bit to assist birds survive in the brand new circumstances they’re confronted with. Some of the methods are:

Transform your yard into an oasis for birds

Transform your yard into an oasis for birdsIn order to fight the lowering population of birds, you might present clear water and plant flowers and shrubs for nectar and bugs. Fruit bearing bushes can present birds with the vitamin and energy that they should migrate to hotter climes. Plants may be layered for canopy, thermal safety in addition to the nesting habitat.

Plant numerous native crops because the fruits, flowers and smells are good to revive the connection and communities of birds which may reverse the lower in native bird population. Yards which mimic pure plant habitat attracts birds and helps to extend their numbers.

Create bird lover communities

Share your love for birds with friends and familyShare your love for birds with family and friends. Expand your bird oasis into a much bigger space, working together with your neighbors in addition to park and golf course managers close by. This will embrace the habitat in the linked corridors and multiply the constructive impression of the small patches.

In order to revive the habitat of birds, you and your neighborhood must plant bushes, flowers and shrubs which might be helpful for you in different methods. Such as mitigating your neighborhood’s ‘heat island effect’, absorbing stormwater runoff and combating the spreading of invasive crops.

Monitor the native bird population

Monitor the local bird populationBecome a citizen scientist by noting and observing the birds in your locality. This every day knowledge can assist scientists finding out numerous points of bird lives, corresponding to migration and climate change. You could be a member of the Great Backyard Bird Count. In the 12 months 2012, 17.4 million observations about 623 bird species helped scientists analysis on the info. Track the sightings on eBird, which is a web site developed by the Cornell lab of Ornithology and Audubon.

Avoid pesticides

Avoid pesticidesPesticides are nonetheless getting used in America and different elements of the world. In North America alone, pesticide use is greater than 1.1 billion kilos yearly. Approximately 8% of that quantity is used in gardens and yards. A garden care pesticide known as diazinon has been linked to greater than 150 mass birds die offs. And agricultural use of pesticides kills 67 million birds in a 12 months. Replacing chemical pesticides with pure strategies to regulate pests will assist to extend bird numbers.

Put the lights out in glass fronted buildings

Dead birds flying into glassThe glittering lights of the town add to the great thing about the cityscape at night time. But it has many drawbacks, together with the waste of electrical energy. Another main disadvantage is that the nighttime lighting trigger birds to collide with the buildings, resulting in their dying. Switching off lights in Chicago, the place the ‘Lights Out’ motion started, has saved approx 10,000 birds yearly.

Avoid plastics

Avoid plasticsRight now, it’s estimated that 100 billion plastic baggage are thrown away, and plenty of of them finally attain the ocean, becoming a member of the oceanic rubbish patches. These baggage kill hundreds of seabirds, together with marine mammals, which mistake them for squid and jellyfish. Once their guts fill with plastic, they starve to dying. You can take a powerful step to scale back the usage of plastic and plastic baggage out of your life as a lot as attainable.

Choose a species of bird in your area, and work for conserving its habitat. Educate the neighborhood, discuss with the college youngsters, volunteer in a nature reserve or middle and assist that species to outlive. Making the precise decisions corresponding to these talked about above can assist to extend bird populations. Even you may make a distinction!

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